The “Grief” that Comes with Starting a Business

So, these past couple of months have gone by quick. Well, I should say quick in some regards. I have learned that if you ever want to speed up time, give yourself challenging goals with deadlines. I promise you that the bigger the challenge, the quicker that deadline...

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You Want to Put What Where?

While the majority of feedback I receive about this venture is beyond positive, admittedly, I do occasionally receive a mixed reaction or two after explaining EtURNal Ride to some people. The idea of taking cremated remains and somehow attaching them to a motorcycle...

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2018 – A New Year. A New Start.

I recently heard someone talking about new years resolutions and the challenges they bring.  The problem isn't so much the resolution.  Anyone can write down some things they want to change about themselves, their business, whatever they want, with all the intentions...

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I’m really thankful for all the support I have received in starting EtURNal Ride. I’m also looking forward to a great new year. Like many, I made some resolutions. I was told a long time a go that things have a better chance of happening if you write them down. Writing is done. Time to start doing.

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Our First Interview

We were recently given an interview by Funerals Today owner, Muneerah Warner. Check it out and let us know what you thought.

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Winter is…ending? Hope so. My experience so far.

“It’s tough!”
Thats would be my initial response had someone asked me what I’ve thought of starting a new business venture so far. To have the idea is one thing. To execute it successfully is another. There are a lot of challenges to overcome.

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Personalization of a Funeral

In my first blog post I talked a little about how I like to bring creativity and problem solving into my everyday life. “How can I do this better? What would make that easier? What can I do to make this the best it can be?” Something I love about my profession as a...

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