We wouldn’t be using all this technology correctly if we weren’t sharing our milestones, right? And isn’t your first sale a milestone?

Order #0001 came from California. The customer wanted an engraved urn for a family member who had ridden all his life. The family member rode with his “trademark” Hawaiian bandana on his head all the time and they wanted that to be a part of the design. Working with the family, different graphics were researched online and different designs were created.

Getting InspirationA couple drafts later, a simple yet meaningful design was created.  Once the design was approved, the cover was engraved and hand painted.  Today our first stop was to the post office to get this off to the family.  We are excited to get it to them and to share this with you as well.  We will be updating this blog with some more pictures once we get them to the family.



Merle Clark Urn Cover


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