Resolutions for Bikers

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Today, many of us are gathering together to ring in the New Year. Some time with friends, some food and drinks, maybe a little Auld Lang Syne, and getting in a kiss as the ball drops in Time Square.   Good times.

But with all the celebration, we all starting thinking about the other thing that shows up on January 1st – That list of resolutions. Maybe we want to loose some weight. Maybe we want to run a marathon. Be a better cook. Keep in touch more. Give to charity. All in all – be better… somehow.

It’s also a time to reflect on the year that has past. There were highs. There were lows. There were things we are glad that are over and things we can’t wait to do again. There are also things to be thankful for.

With me, as I review my first year of EtURNal Ride, I have plenty to be thankful for. I have some resolutions too. I wanted to give you a little of both.


THE THANK YOUS – I just have a few “thank-yous” to give out, but they are important.

First, I wanted to thank my wife. The concept of EtURNal Ride was my idea. To stop talking about it and starting doing it was hers. She has been really supportive and encouraging as I have tried to create and grow EtURNal Ride. She has also been really patient with me and the time and money I have spent towards it. The bottom line is that this wouldn’t be happening without her. “Thanks, Katie. I love you and couldn’t do it without you.”


Secondly, I want to thank the business who have been willing to sit down and talk to me about what I am trying to do, what their experiences have been, and lead me in the right direction with ideas and support. It is great to hear from others what has worked and what hasn’t worked. It also saves a lot of time and money learning from their experiences. I have met some amazing people who have come through for me and helped me make EtURNal Ride a reality. Though I can’t name them directly – I hope they know how much they have helped.


Third, I want to thank my web designer and teacher, Rachelle and my product designer, Mike. Rachelle, you have been really patient and willing to not work on my site for me, but to teach me the how and why as we move forward. You are talented and bring a lot to the table. Thank you. Mike, you have been awesome with making notebook sketches and thoughts, a reality. To be able to walk in with an idea and walk out with the real thing is nothing short of amazing. I couldn’t do this without either of you.


Lastly, I want to thank my customers. These are people who have lost a loved one and took a risk and spent money on an unproven product to honor that loved one. As much as they have appreciated the product they get, I appreciate them reaching out and giving me a chance to come through for them in creating it. I have heard great stories about great people, and being a part of memorializing them has been an honor and privilege. Thank you for that opportunity.


THE RESOLUTIONS – I was told a long time ago that things have a better chance of happening if you write them down. Some are a little more for me, but some are also for anyone who rides. Maybe you see a few in here that work for you as well.


  • “I want to be able to serve at least 50 customers this year” – EtURNal Ride is still growing. As we grow I want to work to offer more products to more people. I’d also like to be able to work with MC’s, military groups, and funeral homes to provide a great way to honor someone.


  • “I want to create more products services” – While we are proud to offer derby and clutch covers, I feel like there is more we can do. It takes time and money, but I never want to get to a point where I feel like I’ve reached the top. You can never stop getting better or doing more.


  • “I want to get involved in a charity” – Motorcycle groups are doing well to get out and help the community in different ways. There is a lot that can be done by everyone, to make this world a better place. This year we are going to get involved.


  • “I want to communicate more” – I have a great group of followers and really appreciate the input and feedback. I know though that I need to do the same for them and provide some good information. I’ll admit I haven’t been the best blogger. Even if I could do one post a month, I think that would be good. I do take a lot of pictures of rides and places I go. I need to share those.


  • “I want to know my bike better” – I’ll never have the skills of a mechanic, but I know that the better I treat my bike, the better it will treat me. With manuals, how-to’s, and all kinds of free education out there, why shouldn’t we all learn more about our bike. Knowledge is power.


  • “I want to treat my bike better” – Something we all need to do. More regular maintenance, maybe even a nice bath once or twice a month would never hurt.


  • “I want to add some miles to my bike this year” – Work, schedules, weather, and all kinds of excuses can get in the way of getting out and riding. Once you get out there, though, it is worth it. Make some time to make some adventures on your bike. Grab some friends and really make it memorable.


  • “I want to attend more rally’s, rides and events” – I live in Milwaukee so there are plenty of chances. While it would be great to get to Sturgis or Daytona, that can’t always happen. However there are lots of other awesome events going on. From bike nights, to runs, to charity events. I’d like to do at least 10 in the next year.


  • “I want encourage my wife to get her license” – I love riding with her and I know she does too, but I also know she would love to be able to get out on her own. I think it is about time.


  • “I want to ride Sturgis or Daytona” – This is probably a permanent resolution. I have been to Sturgis once and it was incredible. If you have gone there – GO! If you have been there – GO again!


So there it is. My start to the new year with a lot of information. Thanks for checking in and checking it out. What resolutions do you have for you and your motorcycle? At any rate I’m done writing. It is time to start doing.


Have a happy and safe 2015!


– Gabe Schauf

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