Riding with Tribute to the Troops

Being a veteran, I am probably a little biased on my posts. On facebook, twitter and even this blog, I want to cover all kinds of topics and interests. However, I feel like the many of my posts have a military feel to them. I’ll admit that a lot of the things I follow...

Personalization of a Funeral

In my first blog post I talked a little about how I like to bring creativity and problem solving into my everyday life. “How can I do this better? What would make that easier? What can I do to make this the best it can be?” Something I love about my profession as a...

Patriot Guard Riders

I’ve been fortunate enough to serve my country for seven years as an infantryman in the US Army.  That’s seven years worth of great memories and amazing experiences doing my part for my country.  Now working in the funeral profession I have seen, and been a part...

New Beginnings in the New Year

Growing up, my head has always been full of thoughts and ideas concerning “my next big project”.  Whether good or bad (and I’ve had my share of both), I was always trying to come up with all kinds of anything from designs, to inventions, to sketches (theatric AND...
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