About Us

EtURNal Ride is a Veteran owned company founded in 2013. Our purpose is to pay homage to those with the passion for the freedom of the open road – the Biker.

You can learn a lot about a person just through observation. Bikers are no exception. Often, if you look at any motorcycle in a parking lot or check out a rider’s vest or jacket, you will see someone’s story on display. Motorcycles, over time, take on the personalities of their owners through paint jobs, accessories, trim, and other custom features. Vests and jackets show the wear and tear of the miles ridden, and the patches attached tell of clubs, rides, adventures, and even fallen friends. Everyone who rides, from the casual to the hardcore, has a story to tell. We want to help tell that story.

EtURNal Ride creates tributes for those with a love for motorcycles, through our personalized memorial products. These products provide a way to share the legacy of those who have gone before us, with the ability to keep them a part of the adventure. We offer a line of products designed for use as functioning motorcycle parts that also serve as urns for cremated remains.

We strive to design custom products that are as unique and special as the individuals they represent. We don’t approach this as a business as much as we do an opportunity to provide service and support to those with whom we share the open road and all of the stories it offers. We are honored to be there for you and privileged to be along for the ride.

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